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VA Animal Control: Wildlife Damage Repair and Recovery

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Virginia Animal Control and Wildlife Removal

VA Animal Control provides professional Virginia Wildlife Removal and Pest Control solutions for both residential & commercial customers.

We can handle almost any type of wildlife control and animal removal problem, from squirrels in the attic of a home, to raccoon removal or snake capture and control.

Virginia Pest Control Solutions – Virginia Wildlife Removal – Animal Control in Virginia – Pest Removal and Control

Our VA Animal Control wildlife management pros provide a complete solution – including the repair of animal damage, and wildlife waste cleanup. If you need removal of pest or wild animals with care and expertise, give VA Animal Control Wildlife Management Services a call at 540-846-2560.

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Well this was a first for VA Animal Control we are a wildlife company but when we get a call to rescue a pet we will stop what we are doing to help. It was my pleasure to help Dorothy Meyers and Carolyn Bosch Butler today I'm so happy we were able to rescue your beloved family pet. ...

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Thanks for calling us John and thank you for this 5 Star Review! We love happy customers!

"Kenny called early in the morning and showed up on time a few hours later to clean out the bird nests in my bathroom vent. Very reasonably priced."

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Good info for pet owners: it usually costs around $1000 to treat a heartworm positive dog. Conversely, heartworm prevention is only a few dollars a month! ...

Did you know it usually costs around $1000 to treat a heartworm positive dog? Did you know that preventative is only a few dollars a month? Please be responsible pet caretakers and give your pets preventative every month!

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